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There is another, better, way

I started Evanescence Canine because I have a life-long passion for dogs, dog behaviour and dog training.

There is an incredible bond between a dog and their owner. Dogs have an amazing ability to learn, understand and communicate with us.

All dog behaviour makes perfect sense, to the dog. However some behaviour’s that our canine friends exhibit are baffling, frustrating and a nuisance to owners. I help owners to ‘think like a dog’. By getting into the minds and understanding their world, owners are in a much better position to understand their dog’s weird and wonderful ways and are able to improve not just their dogs life but their own as well.

I help make dogs’ lives better and their owners’ lives better too, by improving the communication and bond between dog and owner.

I also do remedial work, helping dogs and their owners with more serious problems.



Canine Psychology

I can help you to understand the psychology of your dog, this can be particularly effective on dogs with behavioural issues.

Finding The Right Dog

It’s vitally important to weigh up all the options when choosing a dog, and it can be quite difficult, so we can help you with making the right one.

Dog Training

We offer expert 1:1 Puppy Training and Adult dog training.

Please contact me for further details on any of the services I offer