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About Me

I am the owner and founder of Evanescence Canine

I have always loved dogs. I was born into a house with two rescues – a collie cross called Nutsy and a German Shepherd cross (more like a Dingo!) called Tasha. I have had dogs all my life and love training the family dogs.

If it is true that ‘Everyone has a dog breed in them’ – mine is the Border Collie and I am also fond of German Shepherds, Rottweiler’s and ………pretty much any breed of dog

As well as being a dog trainer and a qualified Canine Psychologist, I am also an experienced instructor and trainer of people. I love the joy of teaching people. I am an NLP trainer and apply NLP theories to dogs and dog owners. I train on a Leadership Lessons from Horse Whispering programme, Somatic Intelligence workshops and am a qualified water sports instructor and Dive Master (PADI).

I am a horse rider and trainer and I have three horses at the moment. I normally end up taking on ex-racehorses., but my main riding horse is an Irish X Cob (not a Thoroughbred racehorse, more of a horse mongrel!). When she is not enjoying being a horse in the field with her friends, we enjoy doing horse agility together and learning new tricks.

I have worked and lived in Egypt, Australia, Canada and the ‘tropical’ Isle of Wight!


My Philosophy and Methods

Over the years I have been inspired by many and have developed my own style, beliefs and attitude to working with dogs – my basic principle is that dogs don’t set out to be ‘bad’ and neither do owners! Having a pet dog is and is meant to be a joyous experience!

By far the majority of dogs want to please and do the ‘right’ thing if given the chance. My role is helping owners to help their dogs.

Even though I believe there are wrong ways to train, teach and treat dogs; I believe there is no one ‘right’ way. Whilst there are some fundamentals to canine behaviour and psychology, every dog and owner are different and thus need different things.

My methods and training style is flexible and tailored to the dog and owner. I always aim to make it easy and, where possible fun, for both the dog and owner to learn together.