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For a dog to be disobedient they must first understand what is being asked of them. There are not many disobedient dogs, but there are many that don’t know what their owners want.

Evanescence Canine offer a number of services to help you.


jessie puppy 2Canine Psychology

This service helps you to understand the psychology of your dog, and is particularly effective on dogs with behavioural issues. For more information click here.

Dog Training

We offer expert 1:1 Puppy Training and Adult dog training. For more information click here.

Finding the right dog

It’s vitally important to weigh up all the options when choosing a dog, and it can be quite difficult, so we can help you with making the right one. For more information click here.

NLP & Dogs

Understanding your dogs drive & focus are the first steps in your dog having a better understanding of you. For more information click here.