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Canine Psychology

Improving the bond between dog and owner.

  • Communication, dog language – how to ‘speak dog’.
  • Helping owners to understand their dogs

General dog advice and help
For those who are baffled, confused or just wanting to do the best by their dog

Problem Behaviours

  • Aggression – towards people and/or other dogs
  • Separation problems – anxiety when left
  • Fears – people, noises, bangs (thunder/fireworks), traffic, etc
  • General nervousness
  • Barking
  • Destructiveness
  • Self mutilation
  • House soiling
  • Travel problems
  • And any other unusual and weird behaviours

Obedience and training issues that now are, or becoming, a behavioural problem

  • General training and control issues
  • Recall – can’t get dog back
  • Chasing
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Jumping up – attention seeking behaviours
  • Uncontrollable behaviours


  • Consultations are normally conducted at your home, where it is possible to observe and work with you and your dog in your environment.
  • Depending on the issue, session are also offered at my base.
  • Please note that it is always helpfully if the whole family can attend the sessions.




My standard rate is £120, which includes the first session (2-3hrs), a follow up second session (1-2hrs), and all written reports and treatment plans.

Further visits related to the same problem can be booked as and when needed, and are normally charged at £50 per session and last 1-2hrs.

No travel charge for locations within 20 miles of my base. Otherwise please include 50p per additional mile.

I also offer session at my base.

Please do feel free to talk through these charges with me, I aim to accommodate owners and their financial situations.


Further Details

  • Initial sessions normally last between 2-3 hours. Further sessions normally last between 1-2 hours.
  • A detailed report and training/treatment programmes will be agreed by the whole family and written up.
  • Follow up sessions will be arranged as needed.
  • Telephone/email support will be offered between sessions if appropriate and required.

If you are interested in booking an appointment please contact me on 07968 170290 or click here to use the form on the contact page.