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Dogs & the Family

Children and Dogs                                                                                                                

“Every child should have a dog” S.Green

Dogs are often wonderful for children – in terms of their learning, development and taking responsibility. It is now proven that dogs can help children to learn and that they lower stress levels. A dog can become a child’s confidante, protector and best friend. Dogs teach children about responsibilities and taking care of others.

Both dog and child need to learn to co-exist together, and to do so, children have to learn about dog language and behaviour, and dogs need to have their own space and to not feel threatened by the child.

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Dogs and Cats

My belief is that most dogs and cats can live together very well. They can certainly learn to share the same space and be tolerant of each other, but many can build strong relationships and attachments.

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Cat testing for Dogs:

When you already own a cat(s) and are planning to get a new dog, it is useful to make sure the dog is ok with cats. I do this for local fosterers before the dog goes to their new ‘forever’ home. I use my ‘dog friendly’ cats to carry out these tests in a safe and controlled environment.