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Finding The Right Dog

Puppy or adult? Rescue or from breeder? What breed and where from?
The questions and choices are endless….. so many dogs end up in rescue centres through no other reason than being the wrong dog in the wrong home.

I work with people looking for a new canine friend, by talking through:

  • What is wanted from a dog?
  • Prior experience with dogs?
  • The age and composition of the family?
  • The family’s lifestyle – work hours, home routine, etc.?




My standard rate is £80, which includes the first session (1-2hrs), a follow up second session (1-2hrs), and all written reports and treatment plans. Further sessions to do with the same issue are normally charged at £30 per session and last 1-2hrs. However please do feel free to talk through these charges with me, I aim to accommodate owners and their financial situations.


If you are interested in booking an appointment please contact me on 07968 170290 or click here to use the form on the contact page.