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Other Services

I also offer a range of ‘other services’, listed below. If you require a service that is not mentioned, then please contact me to discuss your needs and I will help in whatever way I can. I have a range of contacts who offer different services, so if I can not directly assist you, I will refer you to someone who can.


Owner Coaching

I am a qualified NLP Trainer, I have 15 year experience in training people, and over 6 years in coaching (both adults and children), in different contexts.

Through Evanescence Canine I coach dog owners. When working with any dog, I am working with the owner first. I teach and coach owners to teach and help their dogs. So I am coaching and instructing owners in all my sessions. I can also help owners who are struggling with particular issues, such as confidence.



I have many years of experience in working with children, and I enjoying training young dog owners and working with the younger members of the family. I do specific work with children who are nervous of dogs, and I help teach children basic dog language and communication. I also help people who have children, make owning and living with dogs fun and safe.


Difficult Times

I am able to offer specific coaching for owners experiencing difficult times, such as a death in the family or other emotional situations. I help owners to manage and look after their dogs, and put a plan for their dogs into action during these hard times.

The ill health or death of a dog is extremely traumatic. I offer bereavement coaching and support, and help owners and families through these difficult times.


Death or Ill Health of Owner

I offer services to clients who want to plan for the future of their dog (in case the worst should happen to them).

What would happen to your dog if you became ill or died? Do you have a plan in place for your dog? Who would care for them and where would they go? What is stated in your Will regarding your dog? Do your family/friends know your wishes for your dog?

I help owners to talk and think about the future, and to go through the above questions to put a plan into place. However uncomfortable it may be to think andtalk about, it is an important aspect of dog ownership.


Re-homing a dog

Dogs can end up in the ‘wrong’ home for many reasons. Sometimes the kindest and best thing for all involved is to re-home your dog. Other times our circumstances change and our lives are no longer suited to our dog.

For some, this is unthinkable, however plans and life can change for anyone. Even people who love and care for their dogs now, may not always be able to do so in the future.

For whatever reason a re-homing is needed, I help owners to talk through their options and make the best decision for all the family, including the dog. I help to implement plans, and then assist owners to carry them out.


Emergency Foster Care

Sometimes we have no option but to hand over our dog right away. I help owners in these situations to look after their dog and do the best thing by them. In cases where needed, I offer emergency temporary foster care (or arrange other foster care) for clients dogs until a more permanent plan can be made.

I offer emergency and immediate care and re-homing for almost all dogs (as long as their will fit into my existing pack and family!). when this is not possible, I help arrange other foster care.


Border Collie’s

I love all breeds of dogs and all dogs are individuals (not just a breed!). However Border Collies are ‘my’ breed! I offer specialist Collie training and services. I am also passionate about rescuing and re-homing Border Collies, they are 2nd most common breed in rescue centres (after the ‘bull’ family). Often Border Collies end up in the wrong home, or become too much for owners to handle. They are still very much a working breed of dog, and as such can have many breed traits that can be difficult to handle and manage. Many Collies are not suited to family home life, and can develop many types of behavioural problems. Border Collies are also prone to being sensitive. Collies are renowned for having a troublesome adolescent stage, many Collies that are handed into rescue centres are in their teenage years.

I help owners deal with all the issues that this wonderful breed can present us with. If needed I help talk through the possibility of re-homing and setting a plan in action



Please do contact me for any assistance with the services I offer and to talk through your needs.