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Special Case Dogs

Rescue Dogs

“Maybe I can’t make a difference for all animals..…But I can make all the difference to the one I rescue” S.Green

“If someone asked you what you did to help. Could you look them in the eye and say you made a difference? – Adopt a dog, and you can say ‘Yes, I did!’” S.Green

Taking on a rescue dog can be one of the most rewarding things in life. However many of them have been through a tough time, been abused, neglected and then abandoned! All rescue dogs have been abandoned in some form or other. Rescue dogs are often the most loving and grateful dogs, they seem to understand that you have rescued them. The stories of rescue dog backgrounds are often heart-breaking…. but the stories of them being rescued and given a second chance are inspirational.

Many rescue dogs come with their own set of problems and often ‘normal’ methods may need to be adapted and tailored.

I specialise in dealing with rescue dogs and helping owners to rehabilitate them. Using patience, kindness and understanding, I work together with owners to improve a dog’s ‘new’ life.


Elderly Dogs

“A dog’s only fault…. is that they don’t live long enough” S.Green (Adapted from Anges Sligh Turnball)

Many elderly dogs need special assistance and care. I specialise in helping owners to care for their elderly canine friends. Elderly dogs still need exercise and mental stimulation, and an old dog can learn new tricks!

All dogs age, and with age comes the corresponding age related issues. We can do nothing to stop our dogs from aging or from leaving us too soon, however we can make their later life as best as possible for them.


Disabled Dogs

“The only disability in life, is a bad attitude” Scott Hamilton

Dogs can have many different kinds of ‘disabilities’ or special care requirements. I help owners by assisting them to make sure all their dog’s needs are met and that they have as a fulfilled life as possible. Most disabled dogs can do anything any other dog can do, however the training methods many need to be adapted and they may need added assistance to get there.


Deaf or Blind Dogs

Dogs can be blind or deaf for many reasons. They can be born blind and/or deaf, have a medical condition or injury, or a dogs sight and hearing can diminish with age. The severity of a dog’s blindness/deafness can vary too, with some having partial sight/hearing and others being totally blind/deaf.

I help owners to communicate and train their dog through using body language, energy, vibration, hand gestures/signals (for deaf dogs) and sounds (for blind dogs). I assist in the home set up, getting out and about, training issues (such as recall), and how to handle their blind/deaf dog.


Traumatised Dogs

Dogs can be or become traumatised for many different reasons. This can range from being nervous or anxious to full blown fear related responses and panic. Owning a dog with any ‘fears’ can be hard for owners, it can have a huge impact on our daily life, affect what we can do with our dogs, and impact how we have to manage and care for them. It is also of course incredible stressful and upsetting for any owner to witness their beloved dog in distress, often without being able to help them.

I help owners to help their dogs. I work with the owners to get the root cause of the issues and then help owners to best manage and care for their dogs. In most of these cases both owners and dogs need assistance. All fears make perfect sense to the dog! A dog will develop a fear through experience and thus they will have a desire to avoid the same situation again in the future. I help owners to understand their dogs and what is going on for them. Treatment can be a long process, but I believe that all dogs and owners can be helped. By far the majority of issues can be dealt with and if not the situation can be managed more effectively. All treatment and care is about making the dog and owner as happy and content as possible.



Please do contact me for further help and assistance with your dog, and to talk through you and your dog’s needs.